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The Company

Fusion Arts was founded in 2011 by Professional Dancer Suzanne McMillan.

Suzanne has been in the Middle East since 2009, building relationships for dance in schools and within the industry.  


Fusion Arts Dance and Performing Arts Academy provides a wonderful environment for Dance and Performing arts training, with a healthy competitive spirt. 


'It was important for me to create an environment where our dance studio's became a second home for our students. Our students are not just a number, we feel part of their lives and are able to mentor them individually.  We see our dance classes as more than just nurturing and progressing talent but also development in ways of expression, creativity, increasing confidence and relationship building,  all whilst having a great time doing so." 

Fusion Arts promotes a friendly positive way of learning for all our students, whether our students take their dancing further and move on to dance college and Dance university degrees or they are with us for fun and self progression, our ethos is the promotion of all the wonderful levels performing arts brings to our students lives. 

Fusion Arts have classes from age 3 to adult from the absolute beginner to the advanced. 


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